Client Success Story: Adeebah Alnemar

Client Story: Adeebah Alnemar

Adeebah Alnemar retrieves food from a warmer at One World Market, International Hartford’s food court incubator of immigrant food businesses.

The mother of five, Adeebah Alnemar is a Syrian refugee who endured three years of deprivation in a Jordanian camp for war refugees.  A Muslim, she wears a hijab and was harassed by new American neighbors because of her religion.  She is a visual artist.

Adeebah and her eldest son Nadji are working to translate her culinary talent into a livelihood.  With the support of local churches, she’s launched a catering business and sells Middle Eastern food at weekly outdoor markets, called One World Market, organized by International Hartford.   With our organization’s guidance, she and her family are working to identify an indoor site for food sales in the winter, and to operate a food truck in the spring.