Our mission is to stimulate the economy, create jobs and raise incomes through immigrant enterprise. We remove cultural, financial and knowledge barriers to business venture liftoff, growth and success.


We are a non-profit organization that works with immigrants, refugees and other minorities to fulfill their business ambition.  We believe that for immigrants and refugees with skills, drive and an ability to sell a desired product or service, business formation may enable the individual to rise higher and be a stronger provider than working for others.

While there are costs involved in launching a business, we do not charge for our support services.  We have been recognized in the U.S. Guide to Immigrant Economic Development as a model program.

Founded in 2013, we have a staff of 3 professionals and a board of directors.  Our office is sited at 151 New Park Avenue, Suite 5A, Hartford, CT.

Successes: Over the last several years, we’ve helped clients launch these businesses:
 a condiment factory
 a floor refinishing company
 a dentist
 a tire shop
 a grocery store
 a commercial cleaning service
 4 outdoor food vendors
 a hot sauce producer
 a realty office
 a coffee shop

We’ve helped these businesses to expand:
 a men’s clothing store
 a delivery service
 4 restaurants
 a party equipment rental service

With hard work and persistence, your business venture can be our next success story!

Email: art@interhartford.org.